Applying Practical Science to Improve Communities


CEM was founded in 1993 with the simple, but focused mission of "Applying Practical Science to Improve Communities." We believe firmly that strong and vibrant communities are the very foundation of our country, and that businesses have an obligation to provide products and services that focus on enhancing and enriching communities. We strive to fulfill our responsibility to communities by providing the most practical and sensible scientific solutions to problems and challenges that face our neighbors.


At CEM, we foster a company culture based upon personal responsibility and accountability. We value new ideas and innovative thinking. Yet we also instill consistent systems and processes across the company that enable us all to be more effective. Our operational philosophy is that we profit at the service of our clients, not at their expense.

Service Overview

CEM is a full-service environmental consulting firm serving commercial and governmental entities throughout the mid-Atlantic region. As consultants, we serve as trusted environmental advisors to clients who need our services to responsibly manage the natural resources that affect their business concerns. We solve our client's environmental challenges by carefully considering the complex inter-relationships of the environmental sciences including: geology, hydrology, ecology, geomorphology, geography, and engineering.