Chesapeake Environmental Management, Inc.

Applying Practical Science to Improve Communities

In addition to the important work we perform to benefit our communities, CEM supports its employees in their quests to achieve a balanced life, with proper emphasis given to health and family. We maintain an office atmosphere where the work is challenging, the rewards great, and the process energizing.

At CEM, we uphold the following core values:
Integrity, Exceptional Service, Appreciation of Diversity, Communication and Collaboration, and Community Service.

Our staff is a fantastic group of dedicated and passionate professionals who care as much about their fellow man as they do for the planet that we all share.

CEM Structure & Shared Success

Our corporate structure encourages the creation and growth of separate business units without an unnecessarily rigid hierarchy, or undue levels of competition within CEM.
Fifty percent of our annual profits go directly to our staff. And, these profit distributions can be used to purchase ownership in CEM.The profit distributions and ownership opportunities apply to all staff no waiting until you are made a manager or VP of something or other.

Our office is located in the Town of Bel Air, in pastoral Harford County. We think it is a wonderful place to live and work.

For employment or internship opportunities please send a resume and cover letter to:
Chesapeake Environmental Management, Inc.
42 North Main Street
Bel Air, MD 21014